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Collection: Moss

Garden Moss - Sphagnum Moss - UK moss - Feather Moss - For Gardens, Terrariums 

Using moss in the garden is a great way of keeping a vibrant green, weed-free garden all year round. Moss receive nutrients from water, air and natural debris absorbed by moss greenery.  Ideal for adding greenery to an area which gets little sunlight. 

Cover large areas at little cost and next to no maintenance required. Creating a balanced eco-system in the garden. Simply place the moss over the area required, water and leave and the moss will grow steadily without any help. 

The following snippet was taken from 'GardeningKnowHow.com' a link to the full article is at the end. CREDIT - Tammy Sons.

'Mosses used in lawns and gardens are very appealing to the eye. They have been very popular not only in landscaping but for topiary applications, used as a weed control ground cover and the perfect plant to use for moist areas for cleaning the environment due to its ability to absorb toxins in wetland areas. There are lots of ethical reasons why live mosses have grown in popularity in the years.

Read more at Gardening Know How: The Many Advantages of Growing Moss https://blog.gardeningknowhow.com

Source Gardening Know How - Tammy Sons.

Currently available; Sphagnum Moss, Feather Moss.

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