Retractable Spring Balancer 1.2kg - 2kg 125cm cable length - Access High Hanging Baskets, Reduce lifting strain

Retractable Spring Balancer 1.2kg - 2kg 125cm cable length - Access high hanging baskets, reduce lifting strain

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New Old Stock (never used but stored for a long time)

What is a spring balancer?

The original purpose of a Spring Balancer is to maintain a stable tension when the cable is pulled out or retracted and this is achieved thanks to the tapered drum. Spring balancers are used to suspend tools allowing workers to enjoy virtually effortless operation leading to less fatigue whilst maintaining clutter free work spaces and production lines.

For example if you are working with a drill at an assembly line for many hours, click this spring balancer on to the drill and this will take most, if not all of the weight.

The spring balancer has many other practical uses, for help lifting items on to a bench, to lowering hanging items such as baskets down for watering. These are industrial balancers so may need painting to me more discrete in the garden.  

Fitting and use:

There is a hole at the top of the balancer for fixing to a beam or hanger above. With a clip at the end of the retractable (like a seatbelt) cable. Ideally the balancer remains in one place at all times, for example at the hook end of a hanging basket, or above a potting bench to clip bags to and assist this lifting. These are only suggestions. 

  • Retractable 1.2-2kg Range Spring Balancer
  • Cable extends 125cm
  • Perfect for lowering high hanging baskets down with minimal effort.
  • Suitable for Assembly-line, people working side by side, tools, fixtures and parts, raw materials, suspension and alignment, manipulate electric, pneumatic and hydraulic apparatus, etc
  • To enhance work efficiency and reduce fatigue 

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The item does the job I bought it to do but only rewinds to an intermediate point with the aid of a small metal clamp (supplied) which is clamped to the cable to stop it rewinding completely into the housing.