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Covid-19 precautions - Actions taken by RoverUK (Climb Hire Limited)

As we are still vulnerable to virus (Covid-19) I, Ryan, would like to assure you that we are doing all that we can to insure bio-safety here at Climb Hire Limited (RoverUK.co.uk).

Contact-less Deliveries:

We have a delivery every 2 weeks these are 'palletised' deliveries. The delivery driver unloads the pallets into our loading bay, and all we need to do is open the gate for them. The 'paperwork' is viewed via email and the delivery driver notes this so we do not have to sign for it. All this time we are never any closer than 3m to the delivery driver, there is never any need to be.

Once the delivery has taken place, the outer packaging is cleaned and removed, after being left to stand for 4 hours. Once the outer packaging is cleaned and removed we then clean hands, replace the gloves and breakdown the packaging of individual units. Once this has been completed, another clean up takes place.


I (Ryan) am the only person that collects items from the stores, all stored items are in their own protective boxes. Hands are cleaned before and after collecting items from the stores.

We are a small business, there is only me here on a day to day basis and occasionally my partner, Zoe, helps out. The stores are not open to the public and we do not have public access at the stores location at all.


I am the only person that handles the item from the stores to the packaging, I clean my hands before and after packaging all the items. Packaging is stored in a separate location. 


Sold items are collected by one Royal mail worker, they collect the items which have been placed (by me) in the sacks. It is important at this point to raise awareness that outer-packing of all items regardless of where they are purchased from, are capable of carrying viruses. It is important to take relative measures during and after unboxing your item.


If you have any questions or would like to raise a concern about anything virus/bio-hazard related please contact me:


Thank you, keep aware of the virus and hopefully things will improve.

Ryan Stiff

Climb Hire Limited