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Black Trillium (Trillium 1) Zimmer Bradley, Marion; May, Julian and Norton, Andre

Black Trillium (Trillium 1) Zimmer - paperback- Bradley, Marion; May, Julian and Norton, Andre

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Late one stony night three infant princesses are bom. As each
baby is placed into her mother's arms, so the Archimage Binah
bestows on her a gift of great power: a pendant containing a bud
the longextinct Black Trillium. One day that power will be all
protects the princesses from certain doom..
Marion Bradley, Julian May and Andre Norton
separately each author has milions of books in
print and a legion of devoted fans. Now in
Black Trilium they've combined
formidable talents to produce
a masterpiece of breathtaking
imagination which will captivate
old and new readers alike.