Book of Fortune Telling  - hardcover - Miall, Agnes M.

Book of Fortune Telling - hardcover - Miall, Agnes M.

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Agnes Miall
Fortune telling provides hours of
fascination and amusement-there are so
many interesting ways of reading
character, casting horoscopes. predicting
the future. This book shows you hovw it
is done: how to work out, for instance.
the Rising Sign and the Ruling Planet at
the time of anybody's birth and what
these symbols mean. If discovering vwhat
the stars foretell is too long or
complicated a procedure, then you can
read a fortune from tea-leaves, or playing
The author, in her introduction, says
that even the most sceptical will not
refuse an offer to read their palms. Nearly
all of us have at least a sneaking belief in
fortune telling. The reader of this book
will have acquired also expertise in
practising it.
Some of the main subjects covered are:
Reading Your Hand
What the Cards Say
Names and Numbers
Dreams and Destiny
Crystal Gazing
Dice and Dominoes
Teacup Fortunes
Bridal Luck
Photographs (some in colour) and
drawings illustrate the points made in the