Girl With a Pearl Earring Chevalier, Tracy

Girl With a Pearl Earring - paperback- Chevalier, Tracy

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"As historical fiction, Girl with a Pearl Earring convinces, but as a study
of human nature, honed by hindsight, it dazzles. Chevalier brings an
impressive combination of passion, outrage and perception to a novel
which is beautiful and brutal' The Irisb Times
Chevalier is a master of the telling detail, the evocative image... Through
such detail, Chevalier draws the reader into the world of the painting,
into the mood of the masterpiece she explores: moving, mysterious, at
times almost unbearably poignant. Sometimes it seems so strong the
reader can almost sense it, feel it breathing all around. This isa novel
which deserves, and I am sure will win, a prize- or two' The Times
a wonderful novel, mysterious, steeped in atmosphere... decply
revealing about the process of painting... a truly magical experience
The Gandian
"Tracy Chevalier has wonderfully evoked the Delft of the mid-
seventeenth century Netherlands... The novel is as subely haunting as
the best of Eric Rohmer's films.