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Looking at Society Carpenter, D. and Ruddiman, Kenneth

Looking at Society - paperback - Carpenter, D. and Ruddiman, Kenneth

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In writing this book we have in mind the fact that a growing number
of people are studying the various aspects of our society that have
an influence on our lives. It is our hope that it will prove to be of
use to those who are undertaking the Associated Examining Board's
syllabus in "Elements of Sociology'", and also to those following
general, social and liberal studies courses in schools and colleges.
We are grateful to the Associated Examining Board for permis-
sion to reproduce the examination questions included at the ends
of the chapters, and to the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery
Office for permission to use figures from the Annual Abstract of
We wish to thank Sir Isaac Pitman and Sons Ltd for permission
to reproduce Fig. 4 from Descriptive Economics by C. D. Harbury,
and Fig. 10 from English Law by K. Smith and D. J. Keenan. Our
thanks also to all other organizations who gave us permission to use
figures in the compilation of our illustrations.
For help in the preparation of the manuscript we are grateful to
Miss J. Baker, Mrs P. J. Le Gassick and Mr R. J. Cook.
June 1969