The English Patient Ondaatje, Michael

The English Patient - Hardcover - Ondaatje, Michael

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Joint winner of the 1992 Booker Prize for fiction,
Michael Ondaatje's stunning novel takes place as the
Second World War is ending. It explores the lives of
a young woman and three men who are stranded in
a damaged villa north of Florence as the war retreats
around them. In an upstais room lies the badly
burned English patient, alive but unable to move.
His extraordinary adventures and turbulent love
affair in the North African desert before the wa
provide the focus around which the vivid tales of his
companions revolve.
This is a breathtaking story of love and passion that
twists through London's Blitz and the intricacies of
bomb disposal, through the mysterious, often
dangerous world of desert exploration. Michael
Ondaatje brings his formidable poetic and narrative
powers to bear on the destiny of his four characters.
In prose that soars he reveals the complex impact of
public conflict on private lives
Now a trimphant film directed by Anthony Minghella
produced by Saul Zaent and starring Ralph Fennes,
Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe and
Kristin Scott Thomas